Sunday, September 27, 2009


26th september 2009
reached chong hwa around 3,and met my good bros at the basketball court..wat a great moment..the people present,kobe from kampar,ian from lembah beringin,weeweng a.k.a. jegor, fatyan, jarrel chicken wings, ru fatt, dong yu, BJK, n co...sun was hot like hell,but great time all in all..7pm,went to kaka bak kut teh n ate till 9pm..had an emotional farewell,took a few pics..
nobody wanted to leave,but in the end we had i hope we meet again soon and keep in touch contantly..wish you guys all the best!!!

When the year end holiday finally arrives we must meet again!

Friday, August 21, 2009

good day, could be better

Today-21 august 2009
woke up at 8.30am...couldn't sleep, so went to play football manager...9.30am,shower...10.30am, left to pick up fren at subang, then go sunway to collect jerseys and futsal shoes...11.50am,left sunway for chong hwa to bring the jerseys to my hostel bros..met weeweng n CO....they havent finished class,recess...went to uma makan wif jiawei and jane...back to chong hwa at 1.15pm,collect money, chat with BKT..left chong hwa at 1.30pm..sorry i cant stay long bros,hope 2 meet up with u guys again some other time..too bad i can't stay long enough 2 have a chat with school pals also,sorry...then we went back to sunway to play futsal..SPORTSPLANET..2-4pm..

had lots of fun at the futsal court..good to be sweating every once in a was fun playing along with my classmate pals and pals' pals..i hope to be able to play ball with chong hwa pals soon, it's been too long..and john mok, lol, long time no play ady..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

workload 99

this is a tough week..1 english essay production test and math test that lasted 3 days each,1 legal group work,which requires us to read through a bunch of articles..1 legal moot court which i have to organise, allocate work, and compose all the facts for a case..a major legal test next week that requires revision on about 300 pages..and 1 economics work which requires research and writing a 1500word essay..what a week..this is torture

i hate slapped me in the face and told me I'm an idiot=.= ..i thought i mastered all the past years,yet,this paper took me by surprise,it got the better of left me speechless..distress...

this is the performance for the So You Think You Can Sing 2009 finals..though we had a few complaints,it was fun all in all..we BLOW WATER and hang out only,lol..met john's new gf, they were great =D best wishes to both of you~
sorry bout the video's not a full video..

Friday, July 10, 2009

Do Come =)

well guys,if u have nothing to do and is very free or you are interested,please come and watch the So You Think You Can Sing Finals and gimme some love,haha..a bit of support..ur votes take up 30% in the total's on 18th july 2009,a main campus MPH..6.30-10.30pm..will be singing Falling Slowly instaed..the tickets cost rm25 each,including dinner, delicacies, and lucky draw..i do hope to see you guys dat day..can inform me if u wan the tickets and i'll book,hehe..will do my best..THANKS!! =D

Saturday, July 4, 2009


went for the So You Think You Can Sing competition 2day..walao..i saw michael buble..haha,geng yao..many people came 2day..around 80..the strange but happy thing is..i made it to the final =D yahoo..but i dunno how i made it through as i thought i sang badly and made a mistake..but it's great to have passed..haha..i wanna thank my friends here in taylor's and chong hwa such as jiawei jane,sokyan,nick,yuting,rongwei,and many more for always giving me their support..and thanks for helping me burn the cd,nick..gonna save my butt from embarassment,lol..hope to do well with this song..Everything-Michael come n have a great time if you are free =)
if im not mistaken,it is on 18th july..6.30-10.30pm,rm25 per ticket,including dinner and lucky draw..hope to see you then~

Monday, June 29, 2009

fun vs boredom =.=

ok,so here's the fun part..last thursday was a boring day..that is..until jane came up with an idea..we go sing k,,we all went to have, jiawei, jane, sokyan..the 4 of us..we sang lots of songs n i went home with an ulcer in my hurt a lot..but all in all, it was fun =D

FRIDAY...we had always wanted to watch transformers,so there we go..we bought 4 tickets and watched the movie..again,it's the 4 of 1st went makan at esquire kitchen since the movie only starts at 4.30pm..we ate,sokyan ordered a gong bou gai ding, costed rm17 we all cant finish that..then to the cinemas..
here's the thing..transformers : rise of the fallen, to me, 50% action movie and 50%, still a nice movie..i like the cars!

oh ya,im happy with LIVERPOOL's signing of Glen Johnson, it's perfect..

Riera gerrard benayoun/alonso kuyt
insua/aurelio agger/skrtel carragher johnson

tapao man utd!! =) You'll Never Walk Alone~

to the sad boring part..i have accounts myob test tomorrow, under the scrutiny of a cctv and a teacher..and d exam is 2 hours,until 4pm, then i nid to head 4 tuition..where is the justice in the world??! it's like a marathon, im not a runner..
then there is the economics exam..dammit, that's tough, we need to go online to find the latest figures of interest rates, unemployment rates, etc..and i've no idea if it should be yearly or, there is the comment part and analysis of costs and benefits of the policies..PERFECT~ speechless...

good luck to everyone~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back to Chong Hwa

WALAO..2day bak ch so many cars..nak parking pun susah..but going back every once in a while has always been all my frens there, nice to see u guys again, and i hope to go back again if time allows..heh
Met quite a few frens 2day..those from the CHOIR and other former CLASSMATES and ROOMMATES..=)
i miss
had quite a nice time going bak wif eric, jane, and john..we go makan at uma n blow water =D
then we went to eric n john's house..hang out..n talk blow water again..
then it's time to go home..
Summore nak prepare for esl tutorial, moral test, accounts myob test..walao..but after that, Transformers 2, yahoo..

the world is a wonderful place~